How to register for the IPT

The IPT is a year-long event and we operate on the IPT Calendar. If you missed this year registration deadline, save the date and try at the beginning of the next academic year. To enjoy the wait, we encourage you stay tuned to our social media, join the IPT Conference and the broadcast of the Grand Finale on our YouTube channel.

First team from your country

If your country has not participated in the past in the IPT (check our history page) and does not have a national representative (check the current list), register your interest with our execom via the contact form. We encourage you to use our promo materials to spread the word about the IPT in your university and even in your country, find teammates and host a national selection.

Through National Selection

If your country does have a national representative, check the local website or contact them, all info is available on the national representatives page. Most likely, you will have to pass the national selection - a local tournament, where you could enjoy physics fights and debate about IPT problems with physics students from your country. The national selections are normally taking place in December-February.

Through International Preselection

If more teams register than the number of seats available, the IPT execom is responsible for running a preselection round for the registered teams. It normally happens after the national selections and the best teams of the countries have to pass this additional round due to the host limitations.

The IPT community is informed on whether the preselection is taking place or not shortly after the registration closes. Although one is expected to take place, all in-person IPTs in the last many years had a preselection.

The host university and the countries of the top 7 teams of the previous edition of the IPT are automatically qualified for the next edition.